Scuba Diving in the UK
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Scuba Diving in the UK

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Scuba diving in the uk is really diverse. Scuba diving is not all about diving in tropical waters, scuba diving in the uk is just as good an in some cases even better. scuba diving uk, padi scuba diving, diving equipment uk, scuba diving lesson, padi diving course.

Scuba diving is not all about diving in tropical waters, scuba diving in the uk is just as good an in some cases even better. Scuba diving in the UK is really diverse; you can experience wreck diving all around the coastline from the temperate water of Cornwell to colder but highly rated Scapa Flow. Scuba diving in the uk gives the opportunity to see the famous Basking Sharks along the northwest coastline, as well the highly diverse marine life that is produced the Gulf Stream that flows along this coast.

Blue is best suited to offer you the best of scuba diving in the uk, we have regular dive trips all around the country and we only dive through top rated dive operations to ensure that you experience the best that scuba diving in the uk can offer. What can you expect when taking part in scuba diving uk? Well firstly it is important to remember that conditions can be more challenging than some tropical locations, the water temperature is closer, generally between eight and ten degrees, the currents can be strong and sometimes the visibility can be poor, but you can gain lots of experience diving in the Uk.

On our recent trip to the Aisle of Man our divers spent time diving with four whale sharks and experience visibility of 20 meters and more on some dives. When we dive on the Welsh island of Anglesey we dive with top divers in the area and authors of the definitive wreck diving book of this area. This means you get to dive on the best sites available and be able to get the most accurate information about the site.

If you fancy scuba diving why not put your name down on one of our Anglesey trips? Blue always goes out at least one a month on Quest diving boat and have lots of fun. In the summer we usually see dolphins, now do you fancy it! We can not guarantee that you will see dolphins on every trip but we can ensure that you have lots of fun.

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