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Swimming Watch

Our range of swimming watch include stylish but afforble swimming watch, to the top end of swimming watch. Our prices start from £19.99 for a basic swimming watch to £100.00 for that extra special swimming watch. The 19.99 swimming watch range comes from Zoggs who are well known for their products they produce. The new swimming watch times your laps just by tapping the swimming watch, which will save you seconds off your laps rather than having to stop and press your swimming watch. Our Freestyle watches are not only reliable but are also fashionable and are depth rated to 100m plus. So just in case you forget to take your watch off whilst swimming you haven’t lost your money. All of Blues’ Swimming Watch range comes with a 12 months guanette so you can relax with the piece of mind.

In addition to our Swimming watch range we sell impressive Zoggs, and Seafolly swimwear. Our Zoggs range starts from 1 year upwards, including floatation and sun protection suits for every age. Where as our Seafolly range are aimed at 16 years plus. Our Seafolly range also comes in bra sized as well as being fashionable and stylist.


Reef also have the perfect Sandals to match or if you want that extra special shoe, Alba have just brought out their new range. This seasons colors are Jewel, Brown and Red.

If you are more interested in Scuba Diving than swimming, Scubapro have just brought out there very own Swimming Watch. The Extender comes in both Ladies and Men’s. The men’s Swimming watch is all black, whereas the Ladies Swimming Watch comes in Baby blue. Prices for the Scubapro Swimming Watch start from £285.00 for the men’s and £335.00 for the ladies Swimming Watch. For more information please call 01772 622123 or look on Blue website. www.shopatblue.co.uk

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